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Application Lifecycle Management

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SPFX: Mantaining multiple project created with different versions of the Yeoman generators

Premise: When a new Angular 2+ project is created using the Angular CLI NPM package, a local copy of the CLI is added as a dev dependency to the project: this ensures that when the CLI is used again ...
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Any API to install add-ins from app store programmatically?

I have two questions: Is there any API like ALM API to install provider hosted add-ins from app store? Even if I install it manually, Get-PnPApp does not return the id of apps installed from app ...
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Sharepoint for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

I want to know if Sharepoint can be used for entire product life cycle management. Our products have a hardware and software component. The software consists of both embedded firmware running on the ...
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Of SharePoint, ALM and dll embedding

This is an argument that often get poked in online forums ( and the like) but no one seem to have a clear understanding of all the issues, so I am posting here. Also notice that the ...
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GIT Interaction

We use GIT as VCS. For management and for overview, we would like to connect GIT with SharePoint to display metadata of our SW-projects (we do not want to use TFS). Researching on the subject matter ...
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How to work in Sharepoint 2010 Team based development

We have following environment to create a publishing fully branded portal. Three developers each one have sharepoint 2010 installed on their workstation. One Server so that when each dev finish its ...
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Pros of Sharepoint and Build Server (TFS, TeamCity,...)

What are the pros using a build server with sharepoint when having projects your working alone at?
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SharePoint ContentType Lifecycle Management

SharePoint 2010 introduces the new UpgradeActions element to the feature manifest which allows content type (CT) lifecycle management by using the new AddContentTypeField element to add new fields to ...
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Migrating a solution from 2007 to 2010

Let's say we have a well-established solution in Visual Studio 2008, using WSPBuilder to bundle it up into a package. It has a handful of features and a whole whack of assets to deploy (.webpart, .xsl,...
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