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The process of appending a new row or entity, either through the User Interface (UI) or programmtically through workflow or custom code, into an existing SharePoint list or library. Use this tag if your question/issue is specifically around adding a List or Library item.

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2 answers

Add file to SharePoint list item column using JavaScript

I created a custom form using PowerApps. In this form one can also add attachments. The attachment column also shows up when I go to the list, but when I go to the list settings, there's no "Anlagen" ...
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1 answer

Create List Item with JavaScript

Attempting to create a list item in an SP13 list using Javascript. The JavaScript code is shown below. When I click the button on the page the code runs up to the set_item statement and then just ...
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1 answer

How to force SharePoint Office 365 to show new item form in a dialogue instead of full window?

Clicking on new item link on a list for most of my lists are showing popup but one of the list, which actually is exact copy of other lists, shows new item form in full window instead of a dialogue. ...
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1 answer

Adding a list item in C# takes 5 minutes after calling the initial Update()

I have a timer job that queries an external list, and then copies items into a regular SharePoint list. I store the ID of the external list item on the SP list item so I can update instead of add if ...
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1 answer

The server was unable to save the format this time. Please try again

In a list of SP2016 site one user is not able to save the add new item form. User is getting : The server was unable to save the format this time. Please try again Previously user was able to add ...
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Licensing issue when adding server to SharePoint Farm

My Client is adding a WFE Server to their SharePoint Farm. Their current setup is 1 App Server, 1 DB Server. I have installed SharePoint on the new WFE Server but when I try to add it to the ...
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0 answers

Issue in adding multiple Managed Matadata fields

I am adding multiple managed matadata fields using CSOM. public static void createItem(){ // This is not working ListItem newListItem = existingList.AddItem(newItemInfo); string termguid1 ...