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Adaptive Card Extension (SPFx) build fails with no warnings or errors

My Adaptive Card Extension (ACE) works perfectly in the workbench, however when I try to package it, first with gulp bundle --ship then gulp package-solution --ship it fails to package. The bundling ...
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Adjusting size PnP Adaptive Card Result

I have an Adaptive card customer Search on PnP Search Result page. across each document I have an image thumbnail and when I click on the thumbnail and small screen opens and you can see they document....
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Result View adaptive card Image Action.OpenUrl not working in SharePoint Vertical

i hope the title is self explanatory. I have custom search result (ExternalItem) defined in Microsoft Search Api. I'm retrieving those results in SharePoint Search page: /_layouts/15/search.aspx/ The ...
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How to set image dynamically in Adaptive card

I am trying below snippet to set image as per if else condition but its now working as expected it always empty Image is one of my column name which am using in adaptive card "items": [ ...
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Power Automate does not show dynamic content of adaptive card

My project is about confirming the data of new employees and visitors and confirming if they need photo permission for construction work. This data is stored on a Sharepoint list, which should be ...
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How to collect Criteria to filter SP list on from user in SPFx ACE

I have an spfx ace that has a quick view which is populated from a SP List. The list has fields "Phone Number", "Carrier" and "Country". All works OK, but I really want ...
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Accessing a SharePoint list without access using Graph API in SPFx

I am trying to show SharePoint list items from a different site collection in a SharePoint adaptive card extension using Graph API. This is working as expected for any user who has access to the ...
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ReRender a different card view onPropertyPaneFieldChanged in Adaptive Card Extension ( spfx )

I have an SPFX project based on adaptive card template of yeoman generator. It contains two Card views, Normal and Error. Use case is simple, in case Title property is empty show the Error Cardview ...
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How to get current user infomation/context within adaptive cards spfx?

Build your first SharePoint Adaptive Card Extension I am following the tutorials/docs in above link and I have created my first ACE. However, I can't see in the docs or by googling, how to get the ...
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Power automate outlook actionable adaptive cards not getting rendered within the email

I have a power automate where it sends an email to a specific user with two text boxes within the email body (implemented through outlook adaptive template) asking few information. I have followed ...
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Adaptive card not displaying on mobile clients

I'm sending custom adaptive card from flow.. It is working on web and mobile clients for my Dev environment.. The same thing fails in my client's tenant for his android and iOS .. His web displays ...
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is it mandatory to include "originator" to json while sending an adaptive card to outlook via Power Automate

I am working on an adaptive card which has Action.OpenUrl actions in it and I am trying to send the same via Power Automate to Outlook. The problem is when I send it to myself, the adaptive card is ...
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