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Usually, AD refers to Microsoft Active Directory - a directory service that contains information about users, groups, computers and other entities relevant for managing enterprise IT infrastructure based on Microsoft Windows Server.

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SharePoint Navigation Audience Targeting Not Working With AD Group

We're using SharePoint 2013 as an intranet portal and want to customize what global navigation links users see based on their AD group membership and I'm having a hard time getting it to work. I have ...
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Add AD group to SharePoint Online using REST API

Is it possible to add an AD group into SharePoint. I've created a user group in the Office 365 portal, which appears to be stored in AD. Is there a way of searching for this AD group and adding it. ...
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How to exclude expired users from AD sync?

I am using sp 2010. I would like to exclude expired users from the AD sync connection. How can I implement this? NOTE I mean Expired date and not Disabled.
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Searching Users in AD through REST in sharepoint?

Any ideas on trying to find/search users by id in Sharepoint by a REST query? At the moment I am playing around with the clientside people picker to search for users
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