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Questions tagged [acs]

These questions are about Microsoft's cloud offering for identity federation: Microsoft Azure Access Control Service

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Azure ACS retirement in Microsoft 365 - legacy SharePoint REST API impacted?

According to Azure ACS will stop working for new tenants as of November 1st, 2024 and it will stop ...
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Copy file action and Remote Event Receivers not getting a valid token

I have two site collections (let call them src and dest) In the dest site collection I have a remote event receiver that triggers whenever a document is updated in the default document library (...
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AppPermissionRequests (ACS) overwrite

I couldn't find any direct answer online. Does anyone know, if using legacy /_layouts/15/appinv.aspx on existing app (addin), the existing permissions will be overwritten, or appended? I found ...
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How to get SharePoint 2013 on-premises appregnew.aspx to register my service principal in Azure AD automatically?

I have already run the PowerShell command Connect-SPFarmToAAD on the on-premises farm. (Connect-SPFarmToAAD is document here in detail:
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3 votes
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SharePoint & Google OpenID Error (500)

Recently, I have had a small number of users getting a 500 error being server from the Azure Access Control service bus. They are reaching out SharePoint application, being directed to Google to ...
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How to perform a search query on behalf of a user from an app-only ACS context

We have a client requirement where we have a scheduled process that needs to perform a collection of search queries towards Office365/SharePoint Online on behalf of various users to ensuring that the ...
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1 vote
1 answer

TokenHelper method GetAccessToken throwing error while executing AcsMetadataParser.GetStsUrl

TokenHelper method GetAccessToken throwing error while executing AcsMetadataParser.GetStsUrl. InnerException = {"No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it 52.172.144....
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Setup Live ID as an authentication provider for SharePoint 2013 On Premise

I am trying to create new identity provider for my on-prem SharePoint site that can authenticate windows live id. I have followed the steps explained in this blog. It ask for a prompt to select login ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Sharepoint app using client secret without Azure ACS

I'm having trouble wrapping my head around my current situation. My client is giving me as a configuration a Client ID and a Client Secret to configure a sharepoint add-in that is installed on premise....
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2 votes
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Manage SharePoint Permissions with remote ASP.NET Application

We have the following requirements and I have my doubts if this is possible to implement. Application is a standalone ASP.NET application with its own SQL Data source Application should manage ...
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Switching from dynamic Client ID to constant Client ID

I'm working on a provider-hosted low-trust Share Point App. I used to develop it with the Debugging Function of Visual Studio which created a new Client ID and Client Secret every time the debugging ...
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1 answer

Azure ACS - Single Sign-On with SharePoint 2013 and ASP.Net Application

I am currently using Azure ACS as the identity provider for both a SharePoint Server 2013 web application and a custom ASP.Net application (intended to be a Provider-Hosted App): https://teams.mjh....
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