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Questions tagged [accordion]

The accordion is a graphical control element comprising a vertically stacked list of items, such as labels or thumbnails. Each item can be "expanded" or "collapsed" to reveal the content associated with that item. There can be zero expanded items, exactly one, or more than one item expanded at a time, depending on the configuration.

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Accordion Collapses Immediately After I Expand a Row

I am creating a drop down table with Accordion on my SharePoint site. I referenced this page (P.S. I hate W3Schools)
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URGENT need of help for Accordion using JSON to add into to make it collapsible?

I need urgently to create the accordion in SPO page, and am using JSON to input into the Format View side. I have a list with 3 columns - Category, Question and Answer I need it create the accordion ...
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How do I make ALL drop-down lists hidden in Sharepoint Wepart? [closed]

I have a webpart that would be used for a FAQ page on our website. There will be a lists with titles (questions) and below them the answers. My accordion list of questions displays fine and when ...
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Why is my webpart Accordion only displaying half of my html code?

I'm creating a FAQ and my webpart embedded code is only displaying the first six questions in my code? Here's a screenshot of what it displays even though my html code has 12 questions. My spacing ...
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How can I embed a hyperlink within an accordion style web part...?

I created a hyperlink accordion that will be used for a FAQs section of a webpage. I got it working but I need to have a hyperlink within the text of the accordion. Also, I can't seem to modify the ...
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Using JQuery with SharePoint Framework

Reading this tread (Add jQuery in Client Web part (SPFX)) I'm going to open a new question with another problem. I am also following the accordion tutorial from Microsoft docs and trying to customize ...
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SharePoint 2010 quciklaunch Accordion

I am trying to make SharePoint site quick launch to accordion using the below code. Everything works fine but when i click on the plus sign as shown in fig and then click on the sub menu item it takes ...
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create accordion UI for the SP Online newform.aspx

am trying to create a accordion like UI form for my SPO list newform.aspx by following the below URL : but am unable to get anything working! has anyone ...
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