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Creating a secure .Net WebAPI for Sharepoint without AAD

I need to call my custom .Net 6 core web api from on-premise sharepoint 2019 webpart. The users are already being authenticated using on-premise Active Directory. I want to pass the authentication ...
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SharePoint API: Invalid Access Token Resource

I am trying to obtain an access token for use with the SharePoint Rest API. For my organizations base site. I am able to obtain a token and use that token to make subsequent requests successfully. ...
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SharePoint Users access token through SPO application client id and secret

Is there any way to get particular user's SPO access token through client id and secret of the custom application registered inside SPO site collection ? I do not want to show the consent screen to ...
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Assign Member to Group via Powershell Graph API Call throws Request_BadRequest

Calling the following code: $uri = "[groupID]/members/`$ref" $body = (@{''='[memberID]'} | ConvertTo-...
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Unable to get access token to sharepoint online addin using c# Console application

For the past few days, I tried all the ways possible. But couldn't get the access token for accessing Sharepoint online addin using c# console application. However I was able to get the access token ...
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Get Microsoft Graph AccessToken from SharePoint ContextToken in RER

I have registered Remote Event Receivers on my SharePoint list. I can receive remote events in my custom code. Is it possible to receive Microsoft Graph AccessToken from SharePoint ContextToken? I ...
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