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The three-tier architecture model, which is the fundamental framework for the logical design model, segments an application's components into three tiers of services.

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How to do load balancing works on app server level in SharePoint on-premise 3 tier architecture

We are configuring SharePoint 2013 3 tier architecture. We are configuring services on servers. Now the requirement is: 1) All the services should be hosted on both the app servers, can we do this? ...
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In a 3 tier SharePoint Environment where do we Disable the loopback check

In a 3 tier SharePoint Environment where do we Disable the loopback check? Do we do it on all the servers? or Any specific? like WFE or App what about the SQL Server?
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I want to replace existing an Sharepoint 2010 WFE/App server with two new WFE and App servers

I currently have a Sharepoint 2010 two-tier environment (1 server running DB, 1 server running both WFE and app functions running on Server 2008 R2). Ultimately, I'd like to scale the environment ...
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Switching DNS to point to IP of SharePoint 2010 web front-end server

Our organization's SharePoint Farm was supposed to be a 3 tier architecture but somehow the web server is idle and application server is working as both, web server and application server. Our vendor ...
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