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.net refers to the application framework installed on a Windows and SharePoint server.

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How to retrieve Users and Groups seperately from a "Person or Group" column via C# code?

I have a field in the discussion list, which allows the initiator of the discussion to specify the people to share the discussion with. This field is typed as 'Person or Group' that allows selection ...
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Connect to SharePoint Online from our console application when the "DisableCustomAppAuthentication is set to true"

We have a lot of .Net console applications which run inside windows on-premises servers, which connect to SharePoint online using ClientID & ClientSecret and perform some background tasks, as ...
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SharePoint client model and setting up lookup field

I have list A with "Title" column which is lookup column to List B. I need to update existing List B documents so that they will be linked to List A. However, SharePoint client context doesn't accept ...
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Upload files to SharePoint Online using REST API

I'm trying to develop a console application which will upload files from the users client PC to a SharePoint Online site. I've written a version that used CSOM, but the file size is limited to 1.5Mb, ...
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How to get cookies after obtaining Azure AD access token to SharePoint Online

I have been able to successfully use the ADAL library to obtain an access token to SharePoint Online and execute CSOM queries. When I try to access a SharePoint Online URL directly using a WebRequest, ...
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Combine Two ListItemCollection objects

I have two ListItemCollection objects created after calling SharePoint GetItems with a Caml query - public Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ListItemCollection GetItems(Microsoft.SharePoint.Client....
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Sharepoint 2013 .NET CSOM CamlQuery Join

I am unable to create a working query with join in my .net csom application. I was using this article: here is my code: ClientContext context =...
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Use .NET CSOM to copy site lists with lookup columns

I'm using .NET CSOM to copy multiple list content from one site to another - essentially I'm migrating it. Because of the different list schemas I can't use built-in facilities like PowerShell Import/...
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Sharepoint CSOM Mapper

Hi I'm new to SharePoint and developing with it, but having done a few tutorials I'm trying to get myself off on the right foot and put together a solution. Firstly the solution has already been made ...
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SP2010: Client object model: add new wikipage to document library

Is it possible to create a new wiki page using the client object model and give it some content ("<h1>Welcome to the SharePoint!</h1>")? I'm using VB.Net
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Is there any property available in CSOM which would indicate that a list is using a custom new/edit/display form?

I'm wondering if there's a simple way to check to see if a list is using a non-default custom form via CSOM? I'm thinking of looking for any forms that weren't created at the time of the list's ...
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Sharepoint 2010 ASP .NET MVC 2

I'm trying to deploy an ASP .NET MVC 2 application in SHAREPOINT 2010 I found this online: But I can't make it work. I don't know if I'm doing it right... In the ...
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sharepoint with .Net 4.0

We had an ASP.NET site that was built on .NET 2.0. It had sharepoint integration and everything was working fine until the site got migrated to .NET 4.0. I know that sharepoint is built on 3.5 ...
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