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Major Differences between CSOM and SSOM [duplicate]

I know the differences between client side and server side scripting on a web application. But when it comes to SharePoint what exactly means client side and server side?
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Responsive framework for SharePoint Online 2013

I am about to start a project in SharePoint Online 2013. I have a plan to create responsive design in it. Researching on various blogs and posts I have come across many different frameworks like ...
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Is it possible to use SSOM for Sharepoint Online?

I know, to use SSOM it must be deployed on same farm. Is there any way to use SSOM to work with Sharepoint Online? Thank you.
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CSOM / Webservice multilingual provisioning site columns, lists,

Is it possible in SharePoint 2013 to create site columns, content types, lists, libraries, ... in different languages (so, with different display names) by CSOM (client server object model) or a ...
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What is client object model SharePoint 2013?

I am new to SharePoint, I want to know what is CSOM and REST in SharePoint 2013. what is the basic difference between CSOM and REST in SharePoint 2013
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How to install and reference libraries for JavaScript CSOM in SharePoint?

I am very new to SharePoint and have written some code,in content editor web part, that interacted with lists and used some libraries that are available online like jQuery etc., my question is how do ...
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Check the logged in user is a farm admin or not using jquery

How to check the logged in user is a farm admin or not using jQuery in SharePoint 2010?
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CSOM and JSOM functionnalities [closed]

Which API between CSOM and JSOM propose most possibilities of customization ? (I mean, can I do the exactly the same things with this API's)
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Document Management Model API

Sharepoint has a Document Management Programming Model. From what I understand, this is used to create a document management environment and will allow users to access, share and add/edit documents ...
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new features/capabilities in sharepoint 2013 CSOM as compared to sharepoint 2010

Can someone please tell me about all the new features/capabilities in sharepoint 2013 CSOM as compared to sharepoint 2010. I cannot find any useful link about the same in google
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When to use JSOM over REST API

Is there any specific scenario where I should use JSOM instead of REST while doing SharePoint development? I want to know is there any limitations for SharePoint REST API when comparing to JSOM.
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