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Calculated Column to change text color in a custom list

I have created a custom list and with a column called Account, the column is a dropdown list and with following options Hourly Silver Gold I would like the options above to be bold and be certain ...
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Change the background color for an entire column in a sharepoint online list

I've been looking for a solution to change the background color of specific columns in a SPO list. There seems to be a lot of information on conditional color coding but not the requirement that I am ...
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How to Highlight a Row on Active Status

I have a column which should define in list if the issue is in status: -Not Started, Active, Completed. I would like to ideally add some colour to this by the row for example if completed it is ...
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Compare one date field with himself but from others rows

I am using SharePoint 2013. Would you please give me a direction through which way I can accomplish this ? I have a list where I have a date field (let it be FinishedDate) with different dates. ...
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Color Coding List Item by Web Part based on value

I am currently trying to get color coding on a list to highlight good medium and bad properties. I have tried to follow the examples shown here for color coding: SharePoint 2013 Client Side Rendering:...
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Using SharePoint 2016. Trying to write JavaScript to change row color based on today's date and "SuspenseDate" in list. Help?

I would deeply appreciate any help. I have been staring at this code for days. I am trying to add a Script Editor web part above a list, and make the rows in the list change color according to how ...
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Using javascript I need to highlight a row if it is within 14 days of becoming due via due date, and red it if is past due or today

So I have this code that I found here at Stack Exchange that lets me highlight rows based on date: SP.SOD.executeFunc("clienttemplates.js", "SPClientTemplates", function () { ...
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Unable to highlight a row in yellow if a date column value is today's date

I am working with a SharePoint list that has a date & time type column called Change Window Start (internal name: Start_x0020_Time). I am using below code to highlight the item row and font color ...
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Color Code SharePoint 2013 Column based on Date Column

I followed this post on this site about color coding a SharePoint Column based on a date column. This worked really well and I got the result I wanted. I followed the answer from @chris-g. Below is my ...
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In List Edit Mode Change List Item Color change based on custom column value

I have Custom List and I created some custom columns In List Edit Mode based on one Custom Column value change to Yes( this type is Yes/No) i wan to change the Row color to Green. Here how i do this ...
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Calculated Column Assistance Needed

I have an expiration date column, and I need to mark the date red yellow green depending on: if the exp date is within 30 days from today = red if the exp date is within 60 to 90 from today = yellow ...
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Conditional Formatting with date comparison

I am using SharePoint 2016 on Premise in the classic mode. I have a Custom List, and I want to apply conditional formatting to a date column, so that if the date is overdue from today's date it will ...
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Background color on column

I am not a SharePoint guru and I don't know much about coding. I have a list which I would like to change the background color of the cell or row based on the Priorities ( (1) Critical, (2) High, (3) ...
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SharePoint 2013 on-prem conditional formatting row by dueDate

I would like to change the backgroundColor(row) of items based on DueDate on a Task list.
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Color code the SharePoint list column value based on a condition?

I know this question has been asked and answered but I am new to CSR and I do not even know how to begin to implement this solution. I have tried to use the solution at this link with no success. ...
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