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Update Sharepoint list using excel

I have a SharePoint that has list and I need to be able to update this list with new values from an Excel sheet (using VBA). This can be done from Access not a problem however I need it to be Excel ...
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Import from Excel to an existing list

I'm trying to import data from excel into an existing list. I can paste one line at a time by opening the excel doc and the sharepoint list in datasheet view, but that's not very efficient. Any ...
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How to import MS Excel data into an exisiting SharePoint List?

Is it possible to import an excel list or excel data into a SharePoint List that has already been created? Not create a new list. I know you can import a spreadsheet which will create a new list, but ...
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Import from Excel to an existing Sharepoint 13 list

I have to update my existing Sharepoint (2013) List with data from an Excel Sheet. I've only found an old Add-In for Sharepoint 2007. Which other possibilities do I have?
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Copy contents from excel to SharePoint List

I have an excel and I need to import those datas to sharepoint list. So I click on datasheet view and try to copy the contents and the problem is I have Person/Group column type which is not allowing ...
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Automatically Import Excel Data to SharePoint List

This question has been asked before but I haven't found an answer that works for me and my limitations. I have an excel spreadsheet that is currently being used to input data with 20+ records each ...
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Working with data imported from Excel into a SharePoint List

I just imported an Excel spreadsheet into a SharePoint list, and all of my data was imported as single or multiple lines of text. While appropriate for some instances, in other cases, like a name ...
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SharePoint list not accepting copied excel data

Hello I am having an issue with a SharePoint list not accepting copied data from an excel sheet while in datasheet view. The sheet has 130 rows of data I have done this before and made sure the ...
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SharePoint Online: Import data from excel to SharePoint list

I have to upload data of excel columns to SharePoint list and the excel has got 8 to 9 sheets. I tried copy paste every thing but is quite hectic. Then I tried using Import Excel Sheet app but then ...
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import excel sheet data with column header and update the sharepoint list based on any primary key in O365

How to import excel sheet data with column header and update or insert in the SharePoint list based on any primary key in O365 by CSOM
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Copying column from excel into sharepoint list

When I look up how to copy a column from excel into a sharepoint list it says that a simple copy paste should work. When I do this however it ends up copying all of the values into one cell. Does ...
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Is there a way to import excel sheets into an existing SharePoint list when they both have different column names?

I know you can import excel sheets into SharePoint, thereby creating a brand new list, but I want to import an excel sheet into an existing list and after the fact the list and excel sheets share ...
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Uploading data from an excel to an already existing SharePoint custom list created within a SharePoint app

I'm having a custom list which was created through visual studio in a SharePoint hosted app, now I want to upload data from an excel sheet to that existing list, how can I achieve this?
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Editing list in Excel and save to existing Sharepoint list

In Sharepoint 2010 it is possible to export list into excel sheet format, but is it possible to edit list and then export it back to same Sharepoint list? For example: 1) Sharepoint list (lets say ...
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How to update existing sharepoint list using excel?

How will i update my existing list items with a new updated excel sheet?
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