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Get all items from a folder using REST

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Retrieve folders and sub folders from document library by REST call

I need to get a list of folders and sub folders from document library. I feel that approaching this problem using REST call would be easier than the traditional CSOM query. Please suggest a relevant ...
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sharepoint rest api, serverRelativeUrl, extended properties on all files

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With REST recursively retrieve file and folder directory structure

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Sharepoint 365 Rest Api cannot see any document or element

I'm using Sharepoint online (included in office 365) I'd like to use sharepoint as a document repository. I've created some test folders&Docs on my created test site: I have created my auth ...
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List all Files with all Properties/Fields for a given folder Path

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Full Tree View in SharePoint Online

I want to achieve a full tree view of my site hierarchy and the documents in there. So I would be able to see the full tree view of the site hierarchy from any site. It isn't possible to do with the ...
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Get items in folder using REST

I need to get all the items in a specific folder in a list. I have tried few api like but it does not give me items in list. I need to get items so that I can get total length of folder. /_api/web/...
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How to get documents from folder in document library sharepoint online

Is there a REST way to get all the documents with its properties under a specific folder into a document library ? I'm doing it like so: var url = _spPageContextInfo.siteAbsoluteUrl + "/_api/lists/...
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Unable to read sub folders inside document library with REST

I have a document library with files and folders. I am using the below code to try to get the list of files inside a specific folder that sits in this document library using the SP REST API. I am ...
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SharePoint 2013 - Share document library files to external web application/website

I'm quite a newbie on SharePoint. I've a server with SharePoint Foundation 2013 installed. We have also a company website, not based on SharePoint and hosted on another server in our network. The ...
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