I've been developing a web part and making use of WSPBuilder's handy 'Copy to GAC' menu option to redeploy the corresponding DLL when I make a change. This is nice and speedy so I don't have to do a full redeploy of the .wsp solution.

Now I want to actually deploy this web part so the DLL gets deployed to the web app's bin directory. That's fine -- I've changed the WSPBuilder DeploymentTarget setting to BIN, and it installs to the correct place when I deploy the wsp solution. But I'd like a quick way to copy the DLL to the correct bin dir whilst I'm developing.

I guess I could add a post-build xcopy to copy it to the right place. Is that the most sensible way? Is the reason there's a 'Copy to GAC' option but no 'Copy to bin' because it's really simple to copy to bin, and ever-so-slightly more complicated to GAC the DLL?

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The bin folder is web application-specific. So how would WSPBuilder know which web app's bin you want to put the DLL? That's there reason it's not there (I assume).

  • Ah, of course! Didn't think of that...
    – ngm
    Commented Mar 2, 2011 at 11:57

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