I am currently trying to create a blog on our IT sub site where we discuss various topics. We would like to make it possible that every end user is able to make a post/comment on improvements they would like see on the blog but we do not want them to see the blog its self and its various topics. Is there a way to do this with SharePoint 2010 out of the box? I was poking around the various web parts but did not see anything, and Google was leading me to nothing.

Background info: SharePoint 2010 (On prem) I am newish to SharePoint (but falling in love with it) Location of blog is locked down so only IT personal can see it

Thanks in advance!

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Let's try defining your requirements in a non-technical sense. You need a place where people make suggestions, and you need a secure place where IT personnel comment and discuss these suggestions.

To accomplish this, create a support site where your users can add their suggestions to a list. Then keep your blog locked down. This is clean and simple, and doesn't require a lot of custom permission complexity.

Your initial thought of having users somehow make comments to a blog they cannot see might work, but you might end up having to do a lot of unnecessary work to get the security right.

  • Thanks for the idea Derek, I will run this by the powers to be and see what they say. I am going to mark you answer as the correct one since you at least gave me a simple alternative. May 14, 2014 at 12:58

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