When I looking for way to communicate with Sharepoint OneDrive, I can't understand cridentials and way to login with c# desktop app. And I found another way. I create WebBrowser component, then

WebBrowser.URI = new URI ("my sharepoint site"). 

and get Authorization page. Write my login and password and after that i can create another webBrowser object and get information about file, methadata, information about directories and forders.

But, I can't find way for download file. I have link of download my file.

https://mysite-my.sharepoint.com/personal/myuser_onmicrosoft_com/_api/web/GetFileByServerRelativeUrl('/personal/myuser_onmicrosoft_com/Documents/Shared with Everyone/testExcel.xlsx')/$value. 

When I paste this link in desktopBrowser (like a Google Chrome), bwowser automaticaly download this file on my PC.

And there is queston: How can I do this with .Net WindowsForms WebBrowser component.

I did "WebBrowser.URI = new URI ("my link for download file")." and event WebBrowser.FileDownload is called. But i can't find, where my file was downloaded. It's really downloaded? Or maybe I need to use another way? Thanks

  • i am also stucked in same issue can anybody help please. – user33353 Sep 12 '14 at 7:39

I've done this with the DownloadFile (sync or async) method of the WebClient class:

    using (WebClient wc = new WebClient())
        wc.Credentials = new NetworkCredential(userName, password, domain);
        wc.DownloadFile(urlOfFile, localFileName);

You can specify credentials or set WebClient.UseDefaultCredentials = true. If you want to download the file asynchronously, use DownloadFileAsync instead.

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