I have created one module in my solution which is add in _catalogs/masterpage on feature activation. The module which I have created in that there is a Publishing page which is set as a Home page of the site. The problem is that if I add publishing page then it will disabled all the controls of the ribbon row. I am able to get ribbon controls in all other publishing pages.

enter image description here

I have also tried for web part page. but in this case I have put one Content query web part in web part page. I have tried for same thing for web part page also but problem is that I have put only one content query web part on page then also it will display two times on page.

enter image description here

how should I make one of these page as a Home page without an any issue?

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Your web parts will be put as many times as your feature activation. That's driving so many people crazy. Checkout the workaround by Waldek:


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