1. I have a table in my database including a large number of data
  2. I define an external content type on it
  3. I define two operations:
    • read list with two filters:
      1. limit filter
      2. filter on one of table column(wildcard)
    • read item.
  4. I create an InfoPath list with one field to search in my external Content Type.

My Solution :

  1. I add two web parts to my page: InfoPath webpart and Business data list.
  2. I add a new rule for handle change event and for action use send data to web part in InfoPath form.
  3. I add new connection send Query values to Business data list from InfoPath form.

Now when I change some item in the textbox of the InfoPath form, the page is refreshed and nothing is showed as result .

I use Business data item instead of Business data list, but can not send value to BD list from InfoPath form.

Any ideas?


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