I have a site with published pages (pages library).
I need to know programmatically which page is published and which one is not: if I see the pages library as admin, I see in the list all pages regardless of their status (published, draft etc.), while users can only see the last published ones.
The problem is that as administrator I have not a quick look of which pages are really published, because in the list I see only the last version (often a draft), but there can be an older published version. To know whether is there a published version or not I need to go into the the Version History.
I could not find in the list a column with the publishing status: how can I detect quickly if there is a published version or not?

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One way is to loop through the Versions and check the status, something like:

for (int index = (item.Versions.Count - 1); index >= 0; index--)
   if (item.Versions[index].Level == SPFileLevel.Published) 
      // Got the last published item
  • Yes, I was thinking to something similar, but I have realized that it can't distinguish unpublished pages: even unpublished pages can have a major version (with int number). I have seen that the system must store in somewhere else the information about published/unpublished
    – Marpio
    May 6, 2014 at 9:48
  • For unpublished pages the SPFileLevel will be Draft/Checkout, check SPFileLevel.. It doesn't look if its a major version or a minor, it checks what is the Publish status of the page.. May 6, 2014 at 10:01

You can use this property SPListItem.HasPublishedVersion

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