When I add two (or more) Refinement Web Part in a search page they always shows the same results also if I set different configurations on each one.. How I can configure them in order to show different results? For example I would add a Refinement on the left side of the page showing only "peoples" and add another Refinement on the right side showing only "places". I tried but the two Refinements show the same things..

Can I configure the default Refinement panel or develop a custom one in order to work as I want?

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first you need to edit one of your refinement web parts.Change web part query.

Allow this Web Part and other Web Parts with the same query ID to display results from the same query. Under Results Query Options, in the Cross-Web Part query ID box, select User query. All other selections do not give results.

You need to make your refinement panels to look in different locations. Other way is to make your own custom refinement and add custom category. Custom Refinement

  • Thank you for the usefull answer. I have one question: do you know how this problem could be solved in SP2013? Commented Jul 11, 2014 at 7:55

For SharePoint 2013 there is a property Refinement Target: Configure properties of the Refinement Web Part.

I've never made search in SharePoint 2013 but I think it's the same as on SharePoint 2010 query id.

In the Web Part tool pane, in the Refinement Target section, select the Web Part from which to filter search results. By default, the Search Results Web Part is selected.

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