I have a question and I would appreciate for your help.

I have WPF C# desktop application (windows 7) . And I want to connect to OneDrive For Business (SkyDrive Pro) account and to get the files from OneDriveForBusiness storage (we have corporate Office 365 account ).

If I understood correctly, I need to use Sharepoint API and REST GET command for connect to [email protected] account?

But I can't understand how to do this.

At first, how to login? I need to add Browser component to my Desktop App?

Maybe somewhere c# Desktop samples are? With demonstrate basic operations: connect, get metadata, get files.

If Sharepoint API can't help me, tell me please, how can I do that? Which API I need to use?

Thanks for your consideration. It's really needed for me.


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First at all. You need to connect to SharePoint Online. You can make a console application to make your tests.

Depends of what you need.. you are going to need a tenant Administrator or not. Check these links that are going to help you.

How to create a site collection in SP Online

Find dlls

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