I am going to implement a search query. I have 2 inputs user can give value or leave as empty. If user leave both input as empty and Search,,all items must populated. here I have static SP CAML query string. With 2 variables. but any variable can empty. When that variable empty I want to ignore that where part and get values. How can I do it?

                <FieldRef Name="Title" />
                <Value Type="Text">var1</Value>
                <FieldRef Name="Subchannel" />
                <Value Type="Text">var2</Value>

When var1 is empty I want to ignore that where condition. If both var1 and var2 is empty I want to get all items from list.

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in Javascript

var query="Your Query here";if(var1=="" && var2!=""){query="First Query";}if(var1=="" && var2==""){query="Second Query";}if(var1!="" && var2!=""){query="Third Query";}

for returning all results you can use * as query term

  • I want to use one static query string. and '*' is not working in CAMl query builder.
    – devan
    May 2, 2014 at 7:58

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