Im trying to set default text using jquery on a mentioned field type. I can briefly see my text as I open a new form, but then it disappears. I tried various methods - .text() .html() .append() but i get the same result. How can I set that field?

$(".ms-rtestate-write").html("lots of text");
  • On which page are you trying to do this? – variable Apr 29 '14 at 5:07
  • It's not working in Sharepoint 2016 list multiple lines of text feild (Enhanced rich text ),how to solve this ? – user88074 Dec 16 '19 at 12:17

try this

$('nobr:contains("your multiple line text field name")').closest('tr').find('div.ms-rtestate-write').text();
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Well every other method still didn't work. SharePoint just wipes the text when the form loads. So I created a button which adds the default text when user clicks it.

var templateText = "teeeeeext";
$(".ms-rtestate-write").parent().parent().append("<input id=\"templateLink\" type=\"button\" value=\"Incident Template\">");
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Try this code:

var systemDescriptionRTETextArea = $("textarea[Title='System Description']");
$(systemDescriptionRTETextArea).html("paste your text here");


    $(document).ready(function() {    

    $('nobr:contains("Desc")').closest('tr').find('input[id$="TextField_spSave"]').val('Hello World !!!');


$('nobr:contains("Rich Text")').closest('tr').find('input[id$="TextField_spSave"]').

val('<table border="1"><tr><td>Hello </td><td><b>World !!!</b></td></tr></table>');

try and give your feedback.

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