Sharepoint 2010 Looking for some help here as I'm sure its a simple solution.

I have: 2 Yes/No Columns: DivisionA, DivisionB (I will have a total of 15 divisions but using 2 for an example) 1 Calculated column: Divisions

I would like to have the calculated column return A, B, and/or C depending if any of the yes/no columns were checked.

I have used the following below but it will only return one statement.

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    So you want the letter of every division where it is true? Try IF([DivisionA]=TRUE,"A","") & IF([DivisionB]=TRUE,"B","") & ...
    – tweytjens
    Commented Apr 28, 2014 at 14:29

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tweytjens is right. You have to use the "&" to join the different values (I would rather use &" / "&).

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