I have an Office 365 account and I am trying to create a SharePoint App via Visual Studio 2013 Here are the steps: 1. Open VS 2013 and select Office/SharePoint > App for SharePoint (type the name) then click OK 2. I type in URL of the site (of course https://) and Select SharePoint-Hosted option, then click Finish 3. I get the Office 365 authentication dialog box. I type in the username and password and it opens the SharePoint in the same rectangular dialog box and it stays there and nothing happens:

enter image description here

enter image description here

If I click the close icon on the Connect to SharePoint dialog box that still shows my SharePoint online site, I get the following error: enter image description here

If I click on OK I get the Connect to SharePoint dialog box again

enter image description here

Any idea?? The strange thing I can do this on my other workstation.



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We built a new system with new load of VS2013 and that worked. I had the same issue and opened a case with the O365 team. They could not replicate it. As best I can tell it's an issue with something that happens when you install VS2013 - it changes expected IE behavior.

In my instance if you attempted to browse your DEV site in IE you got the same behavior where it re-directed to the root site collection. This did not happen with Chrome or Firefox.

What we attempted (none of which worked): 1. Re-Set IE settings / Restart 2. Change default browser to chrome/firefox 3. Repair VS2013 / Restart 4. Removed IE feature / Restart 5. Re-install VS2013 6. Apply VS2013 Update 2 RC.

For comparison can you post your configuration? OS version (assume 8.1 w/IE11) and how it's deployed (bare metal, VHDX, Boot2VHD, etc).

In my case it was a VM running on local Hyper-V not bare metal install. It was Win 8.1, IE11, VS2013 Update 1.

  • I will try your suggestions. Configuration: Windows 7 w/IE 11
    – Yas72
    Apr 29, 2014 at 3:35

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