I'm trying to create a new group by event receiver feature with this code, but when I deploy it nothing changes

public static void CreateSubSiteGroup(SPWeb web, string groupName, string PermissionLevel,string groupDescription)

            SPUserCollection users = web.AllUsers;
            SPUser owner = web.SiteAdministrators[0];
            SPMember member = web.SiteAdministrators[0];
            SPGroupCollection groups = web.SiteGroups;
            groups.Add(groupName, member, owner, groupDescription);
            SPGroup newSPGroup = groups[groupName];
            SPRoleDefinition role = web.RoleDefinitions[PermissionLevel];
            SPRoleAssignment roleAssignment = new SPRoleAssignment(newSPGroup);

    public override void FeatureActivated(SPFeatureReceiverProperties properties)

        string groupName="Donor";
        string groupDescription = "Group for Donors";
            using (SPWeb web = properties.Feature.Parent as SPWeb)
                CreateSubSiteGroup(web, groupName, "Full Control", groupDescription);
        catch (Exception ex)
            string message = ex.Message;

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The very obvious mistake I can see is not to put properties.Feature.Parent as SPWeb in using..

using (SPWeb web = properties.Feature.Parent as SPWeb) shouldn't be used.. just like SPContext.Current.Web, you shouldn't dispose properties.Feature.Parent (you didn't create a new object anywhere.. so you are not responsible for disposing it)


Pls write your code



web.AllowUnsafeUpdates = true;


web.AllowUnsafeUpdates = false;

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