I made some modifications in a page a using SPDesigner 2013. When I try to open the page I get an error, so I want to revert back to a previous version. When I try to go back to a previous version in SharePoint Designer, however, I get the error:

Versions cannot be accessed at this time because server is busy .Please try again later.

How can I fix this and/or access my version history to restore a previous version of my page?

  • Yep I am having the same issue. Has anyone checked the SPD 2013 updates to see if it is fixed described in any of them. I am using SPD x86 as this the version of office I was given by my client. Let me know what you discover Commented May 7, 2014 at 13:34

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I am able to revert back to previous version in browser but not using sharepoint designer.Go to SiteActions--->Site contents --->Pages--->your page(click on ellipsis button)---Version History.You can revert back to the desired version.I attached an image for reference.enter image description here


You can get around this error in SharePoint Designer by checking out the file and then clicking on the file name to go to the Page Summary view:

SP Designer 2013 Page Summary view

From there, you can select a prior version to restore:

SP Designer 2013 list of prior versions

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