I need to move a single site collection from SharePoint 2010 to an existing SharePoint 2013 farm. The existing SharePoint 2013 farm already has most service applications configured. Therefore, I am only trying to move the content database of the site collection from SharePoint 2010 to 2013.

I was able to attach it to our 2012 SQL Server instance without any problems. After creating a classic-authentication based web application (I am not able to convert the 2010 site collection), I used Test-SPContentDatabase to check for errors. The only errors present were missing web parts. We are only interested in existing documents and possibly reports on the site collection; they will eventually be moved to already-existing sites on the 2013 farm.

After using Mount-SPContentDatabase, the site collection was created in the class-authentication web application, but it is not accessible through the browser. It exists, as I can use PowerShell to grab a reference to it, but any attempt to browse to it results in a connection error.

Google doesn't seem to be helping -- most upgrade sites assume that the site collection will be available after the mount upgrade. What can I do to access the site and finish the migration?

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