I have a SharePoint site which I want to search all document libraries where column1 = 'hello' and then print out the columns title, scope and column1. Then output the result to a file.

I want to do this in a PowerShell script. I'm not sure how to go about this, this is the start:

Get-SPSite mysite |
Select -ExpandProperty Lists |
Select -ExpandProperty Fields |
Select Name, Scope, Column1 | Out-File test.txt

I am not sure how to do the where clause, I've seen where and where-object, Iäm confused how to do the where clause?


The where clause should be use in this way (this code has not been tested):

Select -ExpandProperty Fields | Where $_.Column1 -eq 'hello' | Select Name, Scope, Column1

BTW your code is wrong because SPSite has not Lists property. That property is in SPWeb

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