I'm working with the bootstrap for sharepoint project which includes some masterpages and page layouts to help make SP responsive.

While in the masterpage, on the left nav (quick launch) bar, I see links like the following

<SharePoint:SPLinkButton runat="server" NavigateUrl="~site/{0}/viewlsts.aspx" ID="idNavLinkSiteHierarchyV4" />

The string place holder {0} isn't getting replaced and throwing an error. Obviously, I can simply replace with /_layouts/15/ and it will work but I've never seen string placeholders in a masterpage like this. Is there a reason to use these? And likewise make them render out the URL correctly?

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You should remove the {0} and replace it by /_layouts/15/ I'm also working with a Bootstrap masterpage and this is what I have in my master

<SharePoint:SPLinkButton runat="server" NavigateUrl="~site/_layouts/15/viewlsts.aspx" id="idNavLinkSiteHierarchyV4" Text="<%$Resources:wss,treeview_header%>" accesskey="%$Resources:wss,quiklnch_allcontent_AK%>" CssClass="ms-tv-header" />

If you want to test other master pages this is the free project that I'm using Bootstrap 3 Theme SP2013

  • Yeah, that's what I ended up doing. I guess I was looking more for the "why" because I've never seen this done before and the project authors obviously put it in there for a reason.
    – Aaron
    Commented Apr 22, 2014 at 15:50

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