I am building a display template. There is a control template and a item template. In the item template I have some a href tag. In this a href tag I would like to link to some page inside the current site collection. How can I implement this?

This is not working:

var Body = '<table id="StandPuntTable">' +
            '<tr><td>' + Bestuurder + '</td></tr>' +
            '<tr><td><H1>' + Title + '</H1></td></tr>' +
            '<tr><td><img src="/sites/khha/_catalogs/masterpage/test/images/tag-underline.png" /></div></td></tr>' +
            '<tr><td>' + IntroText + '<br></br></td></tr>' +
            '<tr><td><a href="/Pages/Standpunt-detail-lijst.aspx?standpuntID=' + ListItemID + '" class="leesMeer"><img src="/sites/khha/_catalogs/masterpage/test/images/lees-meer.png" />Lees de volledige toelichting</a></td></tr>' +
            '<tr><td><a href="/Pages/Standpunt-detail-lijst.aspx" class="button-right">Alle onze standpunten op een rij</a></td></tr>' +

The link is going to the root site collection, but I have also sub site collections. So I would like to refer to this page in the current site collection.

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How about the classic double dot?


Taking away the Pages part of the current page and then appends your string.


I have found this solution: var currentSiteCollectionFullUrl = window.location.protocol + '//' + window.location.host + _spPageContextInfo.siteServerRelativeUrl;

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