I am getting an error with trying to make a HttpWebRequest inside a web part, I'm getting a SecurityException saying that System.Net.WebPermission failed. While searching for an answer, I came across this question. One of the answers was to use a farm solution. I'm very new to developing with SharePoint so I'm not exactly sure what this means.

I currently have a development SharePoint VM set up with Visual Studio running on it. How would I be able to work on my web part and be able to not get this exception thrown?

Thanks a ton!


When you create a SharePoint project in VS, look at the dialog that appears: it asks which site you want to use for debugging, and the second question is whether you want it to be a sandbox or a farm solution. (or, for an existing project, you can change this in the properties of the project).

There's already been a lot written on both, so read up on them and post any specific questions you have.

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