Do anyone know of a way to hide an app tile, it appears that we are forced to have one with each app we install?

For example,

I just want to deploy a Remote Event Receiver to a site.

  1. Create a provider hosted SharePoint App.
  2. Add a remote event receiver.
  3. Add a App installed event to register the remote event receiver to a list on the host web.
  4. Profit?

Now.. seems to work, but my user a now wondering why there is a big blue tile that links to a page with pointless info on it.

So if there an easy way to hide this tile form the users? I don't feel deploying some CSS with some gnarly selector like $(".tiles:contains(RemoteEventReceiverApp)").hide() is going to cut it.

Note: I was tempted to outline the purpose of the app on the tile page, but really is no concern to the users.

If not, is this a design fail and bad practice... should the receiver be registered by a deploy script via CSOM?


This is to remove the logo and the name:


This is to remove the top bar (newsfeed,...):

div#suiteBar {
    display: none;

This is to remove the gray bar (browse):

    display:none !important; 

Add these to your .CSS file

  • Sorry this is not what what I asked, none of the above CSS will hide a specific app tile. I will edit the question to be more clear. – Elliot Wood Apr 16 '14 at 0:08

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