I'm wondering if anybody could help me with this odd situation:
I've noticed the member count of my active directory groups has missing members when searching from SharePoint.
I've noticed this when using Audience Targetting and choosing for Active Directory groups. When I search for the groups they show up, but when I look at the member count it shows 0 total members.

This is my current AD configuration:

OU: Sharepoint

  • OU:Site1
    • ADGroup1
      • ADMember1
      • ADMember2
      • ADMember3
    • ADGroup2
    • ADGroup3
  • OU:Site2
  • OU:Site3

When I use Audience Targetting and search for ADGroup, it would show all of the groups, but the ADMember's aren't recognised since it shows 0 Member count.

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In the end the problem was with the netbios name...
Seems like sharepoint doesn't like a different FQDN/Netbios name.
Example: domain.com --> domaincom\user

Refer to this site to solve the synchronization problem:


After an IISreset and recreating the connection it works now.

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