I am not very skilled with SharePoint, but I have been tasked with using it on a daily basis, and am always at least "trying" to make improvements to it. The issue I am having today is that I have 2 separate lists for clients. 1 is called clients (that has their information), another is a list of other information relating to that company. For the second list, I have a look-up that links it to the clients list, but I want to be able to put a clickable link in the 1st list that goes to the second. I thought the best way to do that would be through a look-up column, but when I try to choose one of the values, it says "count related", but obviously I don't want count, I want it to link to the page. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance.

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You can do that by using Connected Web Parts most easily.. Once you have the lookups in place you can actually drop both the List View Web Parts in a single place and create a connection between them so that the "Other List" web part filters itself on selection of "Clients" List Web Part..


Connecting web parts with a selector and a detail pane

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