I need to move one list data from old environment to new but keep the views on the new server. I tried exporting and importing list, but it removed all the views I created on new environment. is there any way to back-up and restore of data with a list?


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I believe the PowerShell cmdlets "export-spweb" and "import-spweb" will bring the views along with them. For example...

# To export
export-spweb -identity $srcweburl -path "\\server\c$\BackupDir" -itemurl $listname -confirm -force -haltonerror -includeusersecurity -nofilecompression;

# To import
import-spweb -identity $tgtweburl -path "\\server\c$\BackupDir" -confirm -nofilecompression;
  • Sorry, I just re-read your question and realized you do not want to bring the old views with you. So, ignore my answer ;-/
    – Carl
    Commented Apr 9, 2014 at 21:11

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