I have build an html master page with bootstrap header and footer, referenced JS and CSS. Not much in the way of snippets apart from a search box in my header. All good

Ok, now I have created some custom layout page based on the Welcome layout. I have apply this to an OOTB Team site. Looks good but now I need to add my web part zones or web controls. First thing is a to apply my css to a quick launch menu so I can dynamically display any links to lists and libraries in the pages with this layout. So how is this done:

  • Is there a snippet since the control code is all at the .aspx level
  • Do I need to build a custom accordion or the like

I have seen this Quick Launch on a page layout in 2013 which is close to what I want. I just wonder if there are other techniques out there

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You can use a full bootstrap theme for SP2013 and it will have all the resources for what you need. You can get a theme from here. http://bindtuning.com/cms/sharepoint/sharepoint-2013/theme/TheBootstrapTheme

Once installed and applied to get and accordion in the Quick Launch you just need to edit the master page and add a css class to the the MenuV.

<div id="menuV" class="accordion">

You can check how it will look in this link


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