We have created web application.

Within this we created 2 site collection: Site collection 1 - http://pcname:3333/

Site collection 2 - http://pcname:3333/sites/sc2

Within each site collection we created 3 webs.

  1. How to get the root site colelction URL (not root web of sitecollection) via SSOM

  2. How to get the root site colelction URL via ECMA (say on masterpage)

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Using C# (server-side):

SPSite siteCollection = SPContext.Current.Web.Site;
var rootSiteCollection = siteCollection.WebApplication.Sites[0].Url;

If you have alternate URLs, then use 'AlternateUrls'

On the client side, you could use plain old javascript

var winLoc = window.location;
var siteUrl = winLoc.protocol + '//' + winLoc.host + (winLoc.port ? ':' + winLoc.port : '');
window.console && console.log(siteUrl);

In addition, for client javascript, _spPageContextInfo is your friend.


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