I have a Remote Event Receiver, on a list, that fires every time an item is updated, and it works fine.

However the Last modified by-field on the item is set to SharePoint program. I have tried setting the field to a specific value, but it seems do do no good, it still ends up as SharePoint Program (I guess that Update() automatically set the last modified again)

private static void RemoveMemberGroupFromItem(ListItem item, Group memberGroup, User modifyingUser)
        var userToken = modifyingUser.LoginName;

        // Some changes on the item

        item.FieldValues[ModifiedByField] = userToken;

I tried setting properties.ItemEventProperties.AfterProperties to a specific value as well; (the vti_modifiedby) but it didn't help either.


IMO this is because of item.Update(); which sets the ModifiedByField to "SharePoint program". In server object model we would use SystemUpdate() to avert this. However, I am afraid there is no client object model equivalent of SystemUpdate()

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