I'am using SPSitedataquery to query to 7 task lists but in all i have 8 task lists but i want to exclude 1 task list from the query how can i do it? Any ideas? Thanks in advance? Following is my code

 SPSiteDataQuery oQuery = new SPSiteDataQuery();
                oQuery.Lists = "<Lists ServerTemplate=\"171\" />";
                oQuery.Query = string.Concat("<Where>",
                                        "<FieldRef Name='Status'/>",
                                        "<Value Type='Choice'>Completed</Value>",
                                        "<FieldRef Name='ReminderDate' />",
                                        "<Value Type='Calculated'><Today /></Value>",
                oQuery.ViewFields = "<FieldRef Name=\"Title\" />" +  /* Title is LastName column </Today>2014-03-29T00:00:00Z*/
                  "<FieldRef Name=\"StartDate\"/>" +
                   "<FieldRef Name=\"DueDate\"/>" +
                   "<FieldRef Name=\"Body\"/>" +
                   "<FieldRef Name=\"NewJoiner\"/>" +
                   "<FieldRef Name=\"AssignedTo\"/>" +
                   "<ListProperty Name=\"Title\"/>";
                oQuery.Webs = "<Webs Scope=\"Recursive\" />";//Recursive
                DataTable dtTasks = oWeb.GetSiteData(oQuery);

I want something wherein i can query to all remaining 7 task lists except 1 task list.


You could specify in Query which items to exclude from results.

For example, the following query:

<Neq><FieldRef Name='FileDirRef' /><Value Type='Lookup'>/project/Lists/Tasks</Value></Neq>

will exclude all task items from Tasks list located on Project site.

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You can not do that in the query, if you want to use SPSiteDataQuery you will have to do this filtering on the returned objects

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When a template is specified, the data is returned from all lists of that type and as mentioned by @Robert, you will then need to filter the returned object. However, there is other way in which you can specify the IDs of the lists instead of template. Example:

  <List ID="7A9FDBE6-0841-430a-8D9A-53355801B5D5" />
  <List ID="3D18F506-FCA1-451e-B645-2D720DC84FD8" />

So, what you can do: first find all the lists with specific template and generate the Lists node for the SPSitedataquery. In this you can exclude/include the lists you want.

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