I have got 2 lists call Applications and Vacancies. Application has a lookup filed pointing to Vacancy. And Vacancy list has got a user field called "Hiring Manager". I need to create a view under Applications list and filter this list based on the associated hiring manager from vacancy table. I tried to use Linked datasource, but when I create it, although I select columns, I cannot see anything in the datasource pane.

Could you give me, please, an idea how to create such view?


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Add the two list web part in a page and create a connection as follows.

  1. Click "Connections" from web part menu of Application list.
  2. Click "Get Filter values from" Vacancies list.
  3. Select "Provider Field Name" as Manager name column.
  4. Select "Consumer Field Name" as Vacancy lookup column.
  5. Click "Finish".
  6. Save the page.

Now if you click on the arrow icon under "Select" column, corresponding values will get filtered in the next web part

enter image description here

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