we are planning on a publishing functionality for our SP2013 site. (please note that we are not using the cross-site publishing feature, but ideally we are implementing similar concept)

There are 2 farms. The first farm has 2 site collections (one for each department).

The 2nd farm has 2 site collection as well (one for each department).

Managers upload documents into a document library on FARM1 on any one of the departments site collection. Once they are published we want to upload them into a document library on FARM2 on the respective site collection. What is the best practice to perform this?


The best way is create event receiver using Visual Studio. After document loaded to library, event receiver must programmatically make copy to another farm.

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    Is workflow a possible solution, ? I am more inclined towards using OOTB solutions. – variable Mar 27 '14 at 13:38
  • see into using the Copy.asmx web service provided by SharePoint. – Alexander Ulmaskulov Mar 27 '14 at 13:50

If you're not opposed to doing it manually, the Send To functionality can be used to do this. I've set up a manual "publishing" process on past sites that allows a user to send a copy of the document to a library on a different web application/farm. Obviously, the user must have permissions to write to the destination library but otherwise the Send To is an easy way to do this - takes the user through a short wizard.

In my case, I was setting up the Send To destination for each library up manually, but you could also set up a global Send To destination in CA.

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