What would be the best way for Sharepoint online users to attach documents from the Sharepoint site to an email? Preferably using the "attach file" option from Outlook/Owa. I know Microsoft recommends to offline-sync the files with Onedrive for business, but that has a 5000 item limit and you risk that the synchronization fails. I'd love to use a mapped network drive, but they lose connection on each restart and it's not even enough to log in to your sharepoint site, you have to click "open in explorer" to make them work again. I've seen here some similar questions with efforts to refresh the connection in order to keep it alive, but it doesn't seem to work.

Has anyone got a satisfactory solution to this seemingly obvious user request?

  • My company had the same need. We use a Sharepoint App (Slim Companion email manager) that allows us to select documents in Sharepoint and attach them to an email. – Leo Hersbach Aug 15 '17 at 8:07

I loathe sending documents via email because as soon as you do, you run into version difference issues easily. I'd recommend using the Send To option from the item context menu to Email a link to the file.

This will open a new email window, assuming you have Outlook running, and put in the link to the file in question. Enforce the behavior of viewing/modifying the source of the file, not a copy that can then be forwarded or modified and not reflect the actual document.

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    I fully agree! Of course the users should never attach documents when sending email internally, but if they want to send a file to a client or other external contact, they still need this functionality. – sebastian Mar 28 '14 at 9:55

Now :) you can use Delve.
It allows you to attach documents from SharePoint sites to OWA emails directly. It basically introduces a number of options for integrating mailboxes and SPO documents. If your tenant is set to "FirstRelease", Delve should be enabled there already.

For more information on Delve:


OOTB it requires the user to download one or more files, open a new email in Outlook and select the downloaded files from the browser's download location. This works but it is quite cumbersome.

There are SharePoint Add-ins that provide this capability. Some are free and some even support multiple browsers. Check out https://store.office.com/search.aspx?productgroup=SharePoint&qu=email



I had the same requirement recently. What I ended up doing is:

  1. Go to the SharePoint Library you'd like to attach files from
  2. Open the library with file explorer (option in the ribbon)
  3. Add the location to favorites in the file explorer
  4. When you want to attach the file to an email from that library, choose "Browse This PC..." and then the library from favorites

NOTE: This works fine if you use Outlook on desktop or Outlook Online in IE. It doesn't work on Outlook Online in Chrome as much as I tested it...

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