I have a document library. I am displaying this library using my own CSS in a custom web part. My question is how do I apply pagination?
Normally in ASP.Net we simply use

SQL query such as SELECT  *
FROM     sys.databases
ORDER BY name 

to limit the numeber of rows returned based on current page. Is there such a thing in SharePoint when fetching data from list/library?


For this, you'll want to use the ListItemCollectionPosition property of SPQuery.

SPListItemCollectionPosition is the class which helps to achieve paging and sorting the results fetched by SPQuery.

See here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/microsoft.sharepoint.splistitemcollectionposition.aspx

and here for a more comprehensive example


Paging using CAML cannot go to a Nth page directly, like you can do in SQL.

For using paging, you need to use ListItemCollectionPosition property in the SPQuery.


  • Limit the Columns (ViewFields) of your query
  • Set the RowLimit on the SPQuery
  • Don't forget to explicit the OrderBy in the Query
  • Choose an indexed column (if possible) to OrderBy
  • Every time you run the query, this property will return the string for the next page, so you pass this on the next query to get the next page.
  • I had some issues using PagePrev in my project, even though the CAML was correct, so I've implemented a solution to store the pages in ViewState, then I can go to the next/prev page using "Page Index" (custom property of the Webpart)

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EDIT1) References - http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/UploadFile/40e97e/sharepoint-2010-using-splistitemcollectionposition-for-fas/

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