I have a library which has a person field for each document. I have a list which has the same columns. When a document is added to my library, I want to update all items in my list with a line of text (the 'Path' column of the document) wherever the field in the list has the same info as the field in the library.

I attempted to test this by creating a workflow on my library which:

  • Stores the author's name in the people picker field as a variable.
  • Uses "Update Item in: list", matches the "Author" field of the item against the "Author" field in the document (the current item).
  • Updates the "Title" field of the list item with the "Path" field from the library document.

I have tried storing the author name as an integer (user id) as I've had to do with other look ups, but this isn't working. I believe the issue is not with setting a variable or setting the "field" value to the "path" of the document, but rather the issue is on how I'm matching the items.

The example below shows how I tried to match them but with "Author" in place of "Created By" and also with the variable containing the integer value from the look up. enter image description here

  • if this question is confusing, please let me know. – Dinerdo Mar 21 '14 at 15:32

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