I have a document library in which there is one field approver (multi - value). There is an event receiver for item updating of the document library that I want to validate user while changing the properties of document.

I want to check if the previous value in user field and new value of user field must be same. To do that I have written following code:

string workflowStatus = Convert.ToString(properties.ListItem[FieldNames.WorkflowStatus]);
if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(workflowStatus))
    if (!workflowStatus.Equals(WorkflowHelperData.Constants.Approved))
        if (!General.GeneralMethods.CheckUsersSame(properties.ListItem,properties.AfterProperties,FieldNames.Approver1))
            properties.ErrorMessage = "Change in approver field is not allowed";
            properties.Status = SPEventReceiverStatus.CancelWithError;

The method to check the users are same or not is as follows:

public static bool CheckUsersSame(SPListItem sPListItem, SPItemEventDataCollection sPItemEventDataCollection, string fldName)
    SPFieldUserValueCollection userColl = sPListItem[fldName] as SPFieldUserValueCollection;
    SPFieldUserValueCollection userColl1 = sPItemEventDataCollection[fldName] as SPFieldUserValueCollection;
    if (userColl == userColl1)
        return true;
    return false;

After executing the code I am getting userColl1 to null

What should I do to compare new and old field values?

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I have the same problem and found below fix:

var userLogin = properties.AfterProperties["UserField"].ToString();
var userFieldValue = new SPFieldUserValue(web, userLogin);
var user = web.EnsureUser(userFieldValue.LookupValue);

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