I have a list InfoPath form, when I click on "add new item" the InfoPath form opens in a very small window.

I want to set InfoPath form dialog window to maximize size.

Could you please help me to resolve this?


You would need to over-ride the base functionality of the 'add new item' link using javascript or jquery upon page load, OR create a link on a page that utilized the following method: SP.UI.ModalDialog.showModalDialog()


  • Thanks for your answer. bit i want to know any setting we can do using OOB only. – user24187 Mar 20 '14 at 7:27
  • I have tried that option as well. It increase scroll bar only. Thanks, gaurav – user24187 Mar 20 '14 at 11:38

Customise the form using infopath designer and increase the table height and width which is conatining the contents. It might help you.

  • This answer needs more information. How can this be done? – Robert Lindgren Mar 20 '14 at 8:07

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