We are using VS2012 and SP2013.

Presently we are deploying a masterpage via VS module (without feature event receiver, so we are not activating it on deployment).

Then, creating a composed look with this masterpage via PowerShell. Now the problem is that, the composed look does not appear in the 'change the look and feel' unless you add a corresponding '.preview' file. Reference: Check the pre-requisites section

I need to know that:-

  1. How do I place this .preview file via VS package into the 'C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\TEMPLATE\GLOBAL'?

  2. We have also created a .spcolor file which needs to be uplaoded to 'themes/15 folder' via VS package.

Please guide. I guess we need to use the module project item. But what change to make in the elements.xml file?

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  1. Create a mapped folder in your project and place .preview file inside it. enter image description here

  2. Add a module to the project and provide the url which references /_catalogs/theme/15 in the XML file in order to place .spcolor file in it.

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