I need to get CUI.Tab object by id/index from current Ribbon by javascript:

var ribbon = (SP.Ribbon.PageManager.get_instance()).get_ribbon();

var tab = SomePublicMethodToGetTabFromRibbonByIdOrIndex(); // <--- Subj

var group = new CUI.Group(ribbon, 'Sample.Tab.Group', 'Sample Group', 'Description', 'Sample.Group.Command', null);
var layout = new CUI.Layout(ribbon, 'Sample.Layout', 'The Layout');    

group.selectLayout('The Layout');
SelectRibbonTab('Standard tab', true);

I didn't found any public method for it, though. Am I missing something, or should I override the whole tab now?

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Try this code

var tab = ribbon.getChild(your_tab_id);

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