I have sharepoint 2013. I have the OOTB list "pages". I have add the "Approval - SharePoint 2010" workflow to this list.

Now I have add the sharepoint group "approvers" to the field approvers.

How do I need to setup my workflow if I would like to finish/end the workflow after the first approval? I have for example 4 users in the sharepoint group "approvers".


You can edit the workflow in SPD and customize the action.

Here's a similar question but with the opposite (to cancel on first rejection)

And have you checked this codeplex project ?

It provides a second association form page where you can select additional options such as:

  • Approvers
  • Due duration (days)
  • Option to end on document change
  • Option to End on First Approval
  • thank you..I have added a action in the OOTB workflow to end the workflow. – Ola Mar 19 '14 at 10:30

I found a better solution: You need to uncheck the option "Expand groups". In this situation there will be 1 task and not for each user a task. The first approver who approved the task, finished the workflow and the item will be published.

  • Great solution Kha, simple and clean, I didn't think about it. Thanks for sharing – Daniela Nov 19 '14 at 17:24

Just an update for anyone using SP2013:

In SP 2013, unchecking "Expand Groups" does not solve the problem. Multiple tasks are still created, and the workflow does not end until all approvers have completed their tasks.

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